Helping you help your toddler

(while staying sane yourself!!)

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    Are you drowning in an ocean of toddler emotions? 

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    Are you pulling your hair out over their behaviours?

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    Are you overwhelmed by a tsunami of toys, that never get played with?

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    Are you sick and tired of everything being a tug of war?

Don't despair, it doesn't have to be this way.

We're here to help!

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At Raise Toddlers, we understand that raising toddlers can be extremely challenging and leave you feeling outright exhausted. Through an evidence-based approach, we will help you tackle the overwhelm and equip you with all the knowledge needed to navigate raising happy children from birth to six years old.

Toddlerhood: A stage when everything can feel like a battle of the wills

Like when:

You simply want to get them changed and they crocodile roll away and absolutely refuse to wear pants!

You offer to help when they are screaming for help and they suddenly push you away saying ‘me do it!’

You ruin their life by giving them the wrong-coloured cup after they asked for that
exact colour!

You may find yourself wondering how on earth to weather the storm of toddler tantrums, toy tussles, hitting, biting and toilet training (or lack thereof)!

Perhaps you are even wondering if some of your toddlers’ feelings and behaviours are normal. I’m sure you want to know:

  • How to respond
  • How to teach appropriate behaviours
  • How to help them with all their feelings without ending up in tears yourself and
  • How to raise a good, well adjusted, resilient human

Toddlerhood - We are here for it! We've got your back with a scientific framework to support and guide you.



Raise toddlers membership is your ‘handbook’ to toddlerhood. Think of every question that has had you banging your head against the wall or kept you up late at night trailing the internet.

We have done the hard work for you and provide you with evidence-based and practical solutions for every toddler topic under the sun and will also be there to guide you every step of the way in a private member Facebook group.

Our membership delivers content in bite-sized videos, step by step guides and also offers you an entire play gallery to inspire toddler play!


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Our Story

Raise Toddlers exists to carry parents through early parenting, as they raise their children from birth to six years old. Let’s face it we are tired, so busy trying to keep our kids alive and trying our best not to stuff them up! This makes it near on impossible to find the time to fuel ourselves for this most important role of parenting. Toddlerhood can be a stressful and overwhelming phase.

I recall lovely people telling me to ‘hang in there’ as this phase would pass. 'What only 3 more years to go,' I’d think, it felt awful just surviving and wishing the days away. I’m so glad I searched and found a new way of viewing my toddler and thriving through the days together instead.

Raise toddlers was birthed out of my own experience feeling like I was epically failing at being a parent to a toddler. No story you could tell me about your day with your toddler would cause me to flinch, never mind shock me as I have been in your shoes.

Our entire team has! We are here to walk with you!


From the blog



"Mandy’s genuine support, passion and wealth of knowledge have been so evident in our interactions. Her insight into toddlers is truly valuable and has had a real and practical impact on my parenting. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!"

- Laurike

"Mandy was so helpful with organising our play spaces in our house, especially the decluttering of our toys. Such a good idea when you either don’t have the time or just don’t know where to start. She also gave us some ideas to help with toilet training which has taken a lot of stress off of us."

- Jessica

"Mandy was AMAZING in a time of need & helped me see out of the fog of “toddlerhood”! She was vulnerable, honest & drew from her own personal experience as not only a qualified professional but also as a “mum”! I will continue to recommend many friends to her community. Thanks Mandy xx"

- Kristy

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