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Our Story

Raise Toddlers exists to inspire and equip parents as they navigate raising children from birth to six years old. Early parenting can be stressful and overwhelming at times, and our passion is to promote parent confidence during these vital early years. We apply an evidence-based approach to assist parents in managing their own stressors and better understand their children’s behaviours and development. We also support both parents and early childhood professionals in promoting a natural childhood through research in natural play.

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Mandy Richardson

Hi, I’m Mandy. I am the face behind Raise Toddlers. I am the proud Mum of three gorgeous girls, and I (along with my amazing hubby) have survived toddlerhood twice now. We live in Perth, WA, and you can find me most days of the week strolling along our beautiful coastline with an oat milk flat white coffee in hand.

I am a child development and early parenting specialist. I have my Bachelor of Education, Masters in Child & Family Studies and am currently completing my PhD in Respectful Parenting Methods. I have worked with families and toddlers for over a decade across a wide range of settings. 

My passion is for the early years of a child’s life to be the best years. All the wonderful things you could wish for your child are formed through their relationship with you, their parents, in these important years.

Toddlerhood can be stressful as your babies are becoming their own person, with their own will! Toddlerhood is often a phase when parents start to wonder what their role is and how they can teach, guide, discipline and raise a good human, and what on earth to do about all the emotions. I love sharing evidence-based knowledge about toddler development along with practical ideas to support parents to feel more confident and way less stressed as they navigate this critical period of their little one's life. 

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