Decoding Threenagers Mini Workshop


Everyone talks about the ‘Terrible Twos’, so perhaps you were hanging out for the Threes thinking they would be smooth sailing? Well the ‘Thrilling Threes’ provide many wonderful aspects of development but they certainly come with their own set of challenges too. It’s at this age we see strong push, pull behaviours and wanting to be a ‘big kid’ but still wanting to be babied.

This self-paced workshop will help:

  • To understand what is happening developmentally physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively
  • Understand what to to expect in their speech, sleep, toileting and play
  • Decode all of their behaviours
  • Provide you with top tips to navigate this phase
  • Share three year old play ideas and shelfies
  • Answer all the frequently asked threenager questions



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