Online Toilet Learning Workshop


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This online workshop covers:
  • Approaches to independent toileting
  • The process of toilet learning
  • Toddlers and Toileting!
  • Laying the groundwork before even mentioning the toilet
  • Signs of readiness
  • Defining clear roles for parents and toddlers in the process
  • Toilet or potty, or both?
  • Refusal, withholding, accidents, regressions and more
  • Physiological signs to be aware of

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2 reviews for Online Toilet Learning Workshop

  1. Shari (verified owner)

    The raise toddler toilet learning workshop was exactly what our family was looking for after a stressful and failed attempt at ‘toilet training’ our almost 3 year old daughter. We had tried the 3 day potty training method and ended up with a fearful and resistant young girl who developed performance anxiety when using the potty. We had tried everything including sticker charts and edible treats and bought numerous potty’s to entice our daughter to go but it all just backfired. After doing the raise toddlers course we realised our girl was nowhere near ready to be using the potty. Instead we learnt what we could do in the meantime to encourage healthy body awareness and how we could acknowledge our daughter’s part in the process. The framework gave us something to focus on that felt natural and child led and aligned with our family values. Just by changing our toileting dialogue we have made significant progress already. Our daughter is listening to her body more intently and recognising and commenting on when she has done a wee/poo. The course has given us faith that things will happen in their own time and allowed us to relax and enjoy the process!

  2. Sarah Rosier (verified owner)

    Mandy’s help with all things toddlers is just amazing! We began our toileting process when my daughter was ready as Mandy suggested and it was such an easy transition. The toileting workshop really helped after my 3 year olds regressed when her sibling was born and her wanting to poo in nappies, however with a history of constipation, the nappies were making it harder for her to do what she needed & continued the vicious cycle. This workshop gave me confidence to set some boundaries and we are finally getting there, she is doing so well at “listening to her body.”. Thank you

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