Toddler 7 Day Screen Reset


You will be sent a link with instant access to this digital Toddler Screen Reset PDF Workbook after purchase and a link to join the 7 Day Screen Reset Facebook Group.

The 7 Day Reset will then run from Monday 29th April to Sunday the 5th of May where you will get daily support, resources and ideas in the Facebook Group.

Mandy Richardson from Raise Toddlers and Nicola Scruby from The Unrefined have joined forces to help you to help your toddler while staying sane yourself when it comes to screentime!


We know it is a touchy subject. As parents we all want the best for our toddlers and are already hard on ourselves about so many things. We do not intend to add any ounce of guilt around screen use but instead want to open up the discussion to support you to use screens in ways that will actually work best for both you and your toddlers.

This online Toddler and Screens workshop will cover:

    • The pros and cons of screentime
    • Why screens are so addictive
    • The screen reset process (if your toddler craves it or is very reliant on it and you would like to shift that)
    • How to reintroduce Scream Free Toddler Screentime
    • Screen use considerations
    • Toddler friendly program suggestions

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