Sibling Relationships Workshop


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Oh, the joys of siblings. The days we lay in bed with our pregnant bellies, dreaming of how our two children were going to BFF’s have been replaced by WWF wrestling on the daily.,

It is not fun or easy to watch our toddlers take toys off the baby or physically harm them.

Or the siblings arguing, screaming and clawing at each other.

Yes, it happens in every household, even between the most loving, adoring brothers and sisters.

So,  what on earth do we do about it?

In this workshop you will learn about ways to develop more peaceful sibling moments, deal with sibling conflicts respectfully and your role in moments where intervention is necessary!

This online Sibling Rekationships workshop will cover:

      • Perceptions about sibling relationships
      • How to manage sibling conflicts
      • The complexities of toddler relationships
      • Supporting healthy relationship skill development through sibling interactions
      • Troubleshooting typical sibling scenarios

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