Starting New Care | The Toddler Book Series


Starting New Care!

This personalised photo-story book is designed to support your toddler (and you) through the huge transition to starting new care. It will provide you with the language and tools to prepare and support your toddler through the changes!

The simple narratives, beautiful visual illustrations and personalised photos will help toddlers to immediately recognise themselves and connect to the story and empower parents to talk honestly with their children about impending changes and the diversity of emotions and big feelings they may experience during these transitions.

All our books are sent to you in downloadable form. You will receive two versions via email. One for viewing in digital form and one you can print and laminate if you wish so your toddler can read and view the pictures on their own or share as a story with you!

Other books coming soon

  1. The Process of Toileting
  2. Bedtime Routines
  3. Grief 

How it Works

Step 1: Complete the form to provide us with personalised details

We customise the images and names of caregivers and places to suit your family, so please include these details (i.e Mum, Dad, Granny, name of caregiver)


Step 2: Upload at least 6 of the suggested photos

Photo Requirements:

–  your favourite family photo

– five favourite photos of your child. Please include some photos of your child doing their favourite activities (at the park, painting/ drawing, reading books, playing with toys, etc.).

* if your child is starting care with a family member or friend, could you please include a photo of the person(s) looking after your child

  • If your child is starting at a care centre if you can please include photos of any primary caregiver and the care centre

Step 3: Submit your order and check your email within 7 days  to download your personalised toddler book.


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