The DIY Toysort


Want so badly to get ontop of your toy clutter and feel like you have the time and patience to DO IT YOURSELF?

The DIY Toysort is a downloadable guide to help you through the same process we offer in our in home toysorts!

It includes:

  • A guide to decluttering your existing toys
  • A decluttering checklist
  • A guide to setting up a storage and rotation system
  • A Toddler Play Schemas cheat sheet
  • Printable Toy Storage Labels in 2 different styles and an editable option to add your own
  • A guide to setting up the perfect Toddler Playspace
  • Creating a Playspace checklist
  • A guide to selecting age appropriate toys with links to shop
  • A guide to all the resources for your toysort such as baskets, shelves, storage tubs and more!

You also get email support so you can send us your progress or shout if you get stuck and have a question!


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