Toddler Temperaments Workshop


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No two toddlers are the same. While all toddlers are going through similar developmental milestones their inbuilt temperament defines how they move through these changes and the intensity of the experience of toddlerhood (for both you and them!). Perhaps your toddler has already been labelled shy, wild or ‘go with the flow’, we are here to bring perspective and empower you to understand and advocate for your unique toddler!

This online Toddler Temperaments workshop will cover:

    • Understanding your toddlers unique wiring
    • The different types of toddler temperaments
    • The 9 temperament traits and how they can impact how your toddler experiences and responds to the world and how this impacts behaviours, feelings and patterns in their day to day life
    • How to support their temperament while providing opportunities for personal growth
    • Understanding your own temperament and the similarities and differences between your temperament and your toddlers temperament
    • Practical strategies to navigating these similarities and differences in temperament types

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