Toddler Toilet Learning Course


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Toddler Toilet Learning Course

Toilet learning is an important developmental milestone for toddlers and it is often seen as a really stressful process for both parents and toddlers! I have great news for you. It doesn’t have to be! This course will provide a clear path through the sh*tshow of toilet training your toddler. It will answer so many of the questions that we can guarantee you have been frantically googling. It will give you a clear plan about how to support your toddler to independently use the toilet and progress out of nappies. It will give insight into how to tell if your toddler is ready and provide practical steps about how to set up the environment for successful toileting! The topics covered include:

  • Approaches to independent toileting
  • The process of toilet learning
  • Toddlers and Toileting!
  • Laying the groundwork before even mentioning the toilet
  • Signs of readiness
  • Defining clear roles for parents and toddlers in the process
  • Toilet or potty, or both?
  • Refusal, withholding, accidents, regressions and more
  • Physiological signs to be aware of

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